“Let them eat cake” by Jostein Wolff

Anna knew about the beautiful princess who despised the peasants. When assured that the peasants didn’t have bread to eat, the historical princess responded: “Let them eat cake”. “Was she truly that monstrous to make fun of the poverty around her?” Anna wondered. When the crisis hit the country, Anna had to adjust. She limited … Continue reading “Let them eat cake” by Jostein Wolff


“Golden Wheels” by Kaitlin Hulsy

They didn't know how she'd lost the use of her legs. Perhaps she had been forced to dance in fiery red shoes for a stepmotherly transgression committed in a previous life. Perhaps, it was a witch at the end of the wood. Regardless of the how, her blood sisters had purchased a dilapidated chair, using … Continue reading “Golden Wheels” by Kaitlin Hulsy

“The first photograph” by Vivian Boukouvala

Elizabeth Smith was a peculiar child. At the age of nine, she somehow knew that something in her loving family was off. She always dug around the house late at night, finding old photographs and long forgotten relics. Yet not a single photograph of her as a baby in her mother’s arms. It was not … Continue reading “The first photograph” by Vivian Boukouvala

“Making Angels” by Ben O’Hara

When it’s winter in my village, it snows. Every time it snows, there’s a murder. Every time there’s a murder, a snow angel will appear in my garden. My home is out of the way, an old ruin I inherited from my parents that sits atop the hill overlooking the village. The floorboards groan with … Continue reading “Making Angels” by Ben O’Hara