“Pigeon Coop” by Mary Ellen Gambutti

Two brothers, Albert and Mack, owned the brick tenement at 402 W. Broadway and operated a store-front swap shop there. The summer of 1928 Albert acquired a compact lawyer’s cabinet. Its solid, yet light frame and plain wood shelves sparked an idea. "Help me carry it to the roof,” Albert said to his brother. Affable, … Continue reading “Pigeon Coop” by Mary Ellen Gambutti


“Immobile” by Kyriakos Chalkopoulos

My most defining characteristic is that I remain immobile. Why do I remain immobile? Certainly not due to any beauty of the location I am at. And yet I remain immobile, since the world around me is the world of my ghosts. I do not remain immobile because one ghost made its appearance, and consequently … Continue reading “Immobile” by Kyriakos Chalkopoulos

“The Witch of Coulter Cove” by Richard Bower

Jay told me where I could get free candy. All we had to do was ask. I didn’t believe it. Jay had led me into trouble on our street before. Once, he lent me twenty dollars from his father’s wallet. His father was not pleased when he couldn’t buy his Friday twelve pack. His BO … Continue reading “The Witch of Coulter Cove” by Richard Bower

“Marco” by Karen Heslop

Pinpricks of sunlight simmered on the horizon as Donald stepped into the chilly river, whispering the incantation he had been given. He had stripped off his jeans and shirt and so was left in shorts and a thin undershirt. He was only a few steps in before he started to shiver. “Marco,” he whispered. The … Continue reading “Marco” by Karen Heslop

“The Black Sun Boy” by R.J. Jacobs

There was once a boy. He sat at the edge of world. He missed death that way.      Sometimes he would look down at the bottomless drop with its purple colours. Especially when somebody made the leap.      Mostly he just stared straight in front of him, at the nothing. His mind was empty of … Continue reading “The Black Sun Boy” by R.J. Jacobs