“Malfunction” by E V Morozov

Kwame awoke to eyelids peeling open like roughly glued leather, to a dull ache in her bone marrow. She thought in units of meaning that hung over no grammar. Symptoms of hibernation sickness after years of induced sleep, maintained by drugs, parenteral nutrition and gene splicing to halt the ageing process. Her language of thought … Continue reading “Malfunction” by E V Morozov


“The Tip of a Spoonful, and Other Lies” by Ana Gardner

“Give me just a spoonful,” said Nana, who having had diabetes for ten years was not allowed even a whiff of double-chocolate cake, let alone a spoonful. “Just the tip of a spoonful.” This would have been less of a problem if she'd done portion control on the rest of the meal. But as most … Continue reading “The Tip of a Spoonful, and Other Lies” by Ana Gardner

“Predators” by Kai Hudson

Byron sticks his head in the office Friday afternoon, just as I’m getting ready to submit, and says, “I think you should add me.” I look up from the screen. “To what?” His fingers drum against the edge of the door. The rhythm is odd and aimless, scattered rain on dry grass. “To the manuscript.” … Continue reading “Predators” by Kai Hudson