“Snakes and Ladders” by Mileva Anastasiadou

There they stood. Three men in suits around a table. After moving his token six squares forward, as indicated by the die roll, the man who wore an omelet as a hat waved to the bartender for another drink.

It seems like I’m winning again.”

It is a boring game, isn’t it?” asked his partner in the blue suit, fixing his tie, blue like his suit, a twelve-starred circle in the middle.

It never ends. That’s what makes it so interesting,” answered the dark skinned player, frowning while realizing it was his turn to play. Smirking, he moved his token to the lower end of the ladder, counting the squares one by one, picked it up and landed it on the upper end in enthusiasm.

Meanwhile on the board, two of the tokens exchanged hostile glances, while the red token was descending to the lower-numbered square of a snake.

He deserved it, didn’t he?” said the blue token.

That’s what you get, if you don’t try hard enough,” said the brown token.

The man who mistook an omelet for a hat didn’t like snakes in his way. Nor does any sane person, only the man with the strange hat had also a bad temper. He threw a punch at the player in blue who was now in lead and was ready to overthrow the table, when the bartender arrived with their drinks.

We’re just pawns in their game,” screamed the red token, as it fell off the board and onto the floor. The other tokens ignored the words. They were still playing after all. And they were determined to stay focused, hoping to reach the top.

Let’s have another round, gentlemen,” said the man in blue. His partners nodded in agreement.

(originally posted in Zeroflash)


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