“The Red Colossus” by Russell Richardson

On vacation, two married couples visited a busy, white beach, with ocean and sky both a spectacularly picturesque blue. The men, wearing shorts, were Geoffrey and Frank. They removed their shirts reluctantly before sitting in beach chairs that wobbled on the sand. They had hairy bellies, big, goofy hats, and zinced noses. The wives, Rebecca … Continue reading “The Red Colossus” by Russell Richardson

“Snakes and Ladders” by Mileva Anastasiadou

There they stood. Three men in suits around a table. After moving his token six squares forward, as indicated by the die roll, the man who wore an omelet as a hat waved to the bartender for another drink. “It seems like I’m winning again.” “It is a boring game, isn’t it?” asked his partner … Continue reading “Snakes and Ladders” by Mileva Anastasiadou