“Car Wash” by Niles M. Reddick

The winter had been tough; not many days made it above freezing and the mountains and clouds kept what little sunshine to themselves. The snow and salt changed my blue SUV to a grayish white up to the door handles, and I had heard that combination could be hard on paint. I tried to spray … Continue reading “Car Wash” by Niles M. Reddick


“The Boy Who Could Not Dream” by Jessie Volk

The boy-who-could-not-dream lived in a cabin of beachwood and bone. He blamed the wind for his lack of sleep - the cabin’s constant moan and squeak. Long ago he’d given up hope, passing time on the porch tracing the veins in the wood or watching the grey sky suck the color from the tall grass … Continue reading “The Boy Who Could Not Dream” by Jessie Volk

“The City Person” by Kyriakos Chalkopoulos

According to one theory, in each large city there lives only one person, around whom circulate a vast number of mirrors. The mirrors move about in such a way that he may find them in front of him with larger or smaller time intervals, some of them have not yet appeared in his line of … Continue reading “The City Person” by Kyriakos Chalkopoulos

“How to be a Man” by Justin Hunter

  When he was born, you told your wife—told yourself—you’d teach him to be a man. A real man, not the kind on the cover of magazines or the kind you hear about in bars. Through his wails, you whispered. “I’ll always be there. I’ll always help you.” You watched him grow from a baby … Continue reading “How to be a Man” by Justin Hunter

“All Thumbs” by Richard Gibney

              The sun rose as he set off for the site. His students would already be there.             He was going to get the award for practising pseudoscience, for sticking to his dogmatic principles. It was blind faith that had precluded his turnaround. The molecular biologists with their DNA hybridisation tests had been proven … Continue reading “All Thumbs” by Richard Gibney

“Disaster Eroticism” by Dean Steckel

It was past midnight, those eerie early hours of darkness, when the cars collided. It was a four-way intersection where it happened in the middle of Western America. Maybe there were a few lizards crawling in the dust, even a burning bush. The tires of both cars kept turning, twisting together like lovers from some … Continue reading “Disaster Eroticism” by Dean Steckel