“Camel Milk and Bedlam” by David Lohrey

My brother warned me against going to Saudi Arabia. He said I would be kidnapped and left in the desert to the jackals. I admit to allowing his paranoia to get to me but not enough to dissuade me. I took the job teaching at King Fahd University and left for Dhahran. Teaching Saudi boys … Continue reading “Camel Milk and Bedlam” by David Lohrey


“The definition of a loser in another era” by Jostein Wolff

Anna kept wondering if she could be a slacker too. According to the rules, she could not count as a slacker, as long as she remained in Law School. Med and Law students were strictly excluded from the slacker tribe, or the so called generation-X. Her friends never pondered on the subject. As if they … Continue reading “The definition of a loser in another era” by Jostein Wolff

“Bob and Bill” by Russ Bickerstaff

Bill hit Bob in the face. In response, Bill’s hand exploded. It may have been a careless punch, but it was definitely a cautious explosion that made Bob more than a little concerned. Bill recoiled in pain as his hand scattered all over the front counter of the convenience center they were standing in front … Continue reading “Bob and Bill” by Russ Bickerstaff

“The hero” by Kyriakos Chalkopoulos

We were born and live in the area of the theatrical halls, and all of them echo from conceit of rushed performances. Why are those shows still running? The reason is this: had they not, we would chance to wander off the path of the innumerable halls and stray towards those other rooms this place … Continue reading “The hero” by Kyriakos Chalkopoulos